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Ritual Bombardment in The Charnel House of Power 2019

Earthed Drawings, Liverpool TATE & Squash 2018

What To Wear In The New World 2017

Nothing: For The Lost Downpipes of Toxteth’s Welsh Streets 2006-2017

Nothing: For the Lost Neighbours of Kelvin Grove 2004-2017

Nothing: For the Lost Locks of Liverpool 2003-2017

Ten Intentions 2013

Nothing Is Really Waterproof 2011

5 Dimensional Everything 2008

First On Land 1992

Limpieza de Sangre 1990

Bhopal 1989

Snakes & Ladders, The jewel & The Frown, Blessings To My Thai Sisters 1988

Separate the Whites 1987

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